Canada and Chile Offer Two Similar Visas

The Chilean Embassy in Ottawa, Canada offers two visa options for their citizens – the tourist visa, and the multiple-entry business visa. In order to understand more about these visas, we talked with Consul General of Chile in Ottawa, Jorge Carrión.

Canada Visa for Tourists

If you’re planning a trip to Canada and want to explore the country from the ground up, consider applying for a CANADA VISA FOR TOURISTS. Both Canada and Chile offer similar types of visas that allow visitors to stay in the country for a specific amount of time and see as much of the country as they’d like.

Both countries require applicants to provide proof of a valid passport and sufficient funds to cover their stay. You’ll also need to provide evidence that you have enough money to support yourself while in Canada (for example, proof of an employment contract or rental agreement).

Once you’ve submitted all of the required paperwork, you’ll be contacted by either the Canadian or Chilean embassy responsible for your region. After verifying your information and issuing your visa, you’ll be free to commence your trip! While you’re in the country, don’t forget to visit Vancouver’s Gastown district. This area is a veritable treasure trove of unique and interesting shops, boutiques and eateries. Wander through the area on a Saturday morning or afternoon for a multi-sensory experience as dozens of local merchants offer unique items for sale. You don’t need to be shopping for yourself! There are plenty of stores in Gastown that sell souvenirs, so several members of your group may want to purchase something to remember their trip by.

Chile Visa for Canadians

Canada and Chile offer two similar visas for tourists. The CANADA VISA FOR CHILE CITIZENS allows Canadians to visit Chile for up to 90 days and vice versa. Both visas require a passport and visa application. Canadians must also provide proof of onward travel, such as tickets. The cost of the visa is $60 CAD.

The Canada-Chile Visa offers a number of benefits to tourists. First, it allows tourists more flexibility when traveling to Chile. Second, it provides a shorter visa duration than many other countries. Finally, both countries offer great cultural experiences for tourists. Don’t have time to read our full guide on Chile? See the top 10 things to do in Santiago and our list of the best attractions around.


In recent years, Canada and Chile have both been increasing their efforts to attract industrialists and entrepreneurs from around the world. Both countries offer a number of similar visas that can be valuable tools for businesspeople looking to relocate or start a new business in either country.

One of the most popular visas offered by both Canada and Chile is the renovation industrialization visa. This visa is designed for foreign investors who want to renovate or expand an existing business in either country. The visa requires a demonstration of financial investment and plans to create jobs in the local economy.

Chile also offers a number of organized pilgrims visas that are perfect for tourists looking to visit religious sites in the country. The visa requires no application fees and no special documentation other than a passport photo. Tourist visas typically last for six months, but can be extended if needed.


If you’re thinking of visiting Canada or Chile, be sure to read up on the two countries’ visa policies in order to decide which is best for your trip. Both countries offer a variety of visa options that are perfect for different types of travelers, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. true